Most retirees don’t know what financial position they’re in. They may know how much money they have, but how do you know if that’s enough? What can you afford to spend each year and not run out?


With no capacity to identify your capital position against your cash flow needs, it is not possible to enjoy true freedom. With clarity on your actual financial position as it relates to your household expenditure and lifestyle costs, you’ll know if you can spend more, or if you need to spend less.

You know your investment balance, but how long will it last? How much can you spend? For how long? How much risk is necessary? How much risk is too much risk? What does ‘risk’ even mean?

We create & manage strategies that aim to meet the cash flow needs of retirees for life. By measuring the growing cost of living over time, and building investment strategies designed to lower risk and generate cash flow, we help retirees secure their desired lifestyle and maintain it forever. Spend with confidence, have clarity in your position, have peace of mind that you’re on the right track.


Cash flow structures that can be understood, with regular & consistent payments into your personal transaction account, as often as you like.


A personal service, managed by a team of local experts.


Longevity of income, through investment strategies that seek to minimise risk matched to a personalised return target.


Our Services

Cash Flow

Income less expenditure equals cash flow. Sounds easy, when you put it like that – but in reality it’s not that simple. Learn how a clean & calculated cash flow structure can improve the longevity of your capital, and simplify your life.

Tax & Franking Credits

The only investment that is truly risk free, is saving an unnecessary cost – and if a dollar saved is a dollar earned, then a tax dollar refunded must be two dollars earned?

Be sure you’re not paying more than you need to. There are numerous strategies to manipulate the flow of money to get it to the right place, at the right time, to be taxed at the appropriate level. Even if you don’t pay income tax as self-funded retiree living on a tax free super pension, chances are you own an investment that is paying tax on your behalf. Get it back, it’s yours.

Age Pension & Centrelink Benefits

If you’re eligible to receive an Age Pension or other Centrelink benefit, then be sure to receive your entitlement. If you’re really lucky, you might convince us to complete the painful job of dealing with Centrelink on your behalf.

Capital longevity

Unless you survive on the Age Pension (and I hope not), then you rely on income from investments and probably a draw down of capital (if not now, then in the future – when bread costs more). With your lifestyle relying on your capital, there is nothing more important (financially speaking) than preserving the life of your capital.

The downside impact of capital loss has a much greater influence on the longevity of capital than the positive impact of excess return (especially when you’re withdrawing), so more important than seeking a high return is protecting against loss. A portfolio that employs risk mitigation should be a high priority – and know which risks you’re mitigating against.

Estate Planning

There’s having a Will, and then there’s Estate Planning. Of course, there’s also not having a Will. Please, don’t die without a Will, for the sake of those you leave behind – it’s just not fair. Better still, don’t die without an Estate Plan. Yes, you’ll have to talk about death, and it may not feel pleasant, but it’s going to happen – your choice is about the legacy you leave, and a quality Estate Plan will maximise the value to your beneficiaries, and minimise leakage – which is commonly in tax.

Investment Management

We employ a dynamic approach to investment selection, allowing a fluid allocation between assets to seek the minimum level of risk that is required to achieve the target return that is necessary to fund the cash flow that is needed for the number of years that is required.

The one exemption to this is when you can’t possibly spend what you have, and just want a fair & reasonable return while avoiding unnecessary risk. In which case, you’ll still won’t spend what you have, but you’ll create a legacy unforgotten by your beneficiaries.

Aged Care

There are more than 30 different ways to manage the financial aspects of entering Aged Care. It’s an extremely complex situation, that often arrived at with little warning, and with personal priorities that quickly outweigh the importance of good planning. It’s very easy to put aside due diligence and simply make a choice – this can have significant financial impact. If there’s any good news in that, it’s that you’ll likely never know. If you want the right result, you take on the personal priorities with your family, leave us with the financial aspect.

About Us

Established in 2011, Rocket Financial set out to assist our clients achieve their lifestyle objectives by reaching financial security. Over time, we’ve targeted our expertise towards offering specialist strategies that help retirees enjoy the freedom of financial security.

We’re a team of experts who believe that in everything great we do, we can still do better. We seek improvement, striving to do better as individuals, to do better as a team, to seek better outcomes and to deliver better results.

We help our clients to firstly understand their financial position, as it relates to their own needs. More important than how much you have, is how much of your lifetime it will last; and how much of your partner’s lifetime too. To determine this it takes consideration of spending, income, investment return, tax, Centrelink, risk, age, health, residential requirements, and an allowance for the unknown. It’s no wonder most people are in the dark about where they stand.

We deliver our clients confidence; confidence in their spending, confidence in their investment strategy, confidence in their cash flow, and confidence in their ongoing position of financial security.

On top of that, we do the work. If you hate paperwork, you’ll love us. We have a team to do the small tasks, a team to do the big tasks, a team to assist with the easy decisions, a team to advise on the hard decisions, and team to keep you with clarity.

Rocket Financial offers ‘full service’ solutions via a range of Financial Management Services. Working mostly with self-funded retirees, we advise on financial strategies, services, and products towards achieving a lifetime of cash flow and financial security.

Our employed clients are typically over 55, aiming to maximise their retirement positon through great preparation. Considering all relevant contributors, we create strategies to manipulate the flow of money to seek a better result. We advise on strategies that consider borrowing, investing, protecting and tax.

Our Team




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